Have you noticed that the more you focus on your business, spend time with your family or interests, the less time you have to plan for your financial investments, and the more guidance you need with managing your wealth? We have the privilege to be trusted professionals with a commitment to building a strong, lasting relationship that you can connect with on a personal level.

With an extensive team at RBC Dominion Securities, we offer personalized financial planning solutions tailored to meet your needs. We follow a disciplined tax smart approach when building investment portfolios.

Think of us as the steward of your wealth, a financial partner to guide you as you preserve and grow your wealth. We are proud of our experience, discipline and personal one on one relationship we share with our clients.

Our clients' well-being is the focus of everything we do. We take great pride in being good stewards of our clients' assets and the personalized relationship that we share with them. We are there to help with all their financial and investment matters, share their stories about their families and successes as well as to listen during more difficult times. A client used the phrase “money & compassion” to describe us. That is our motivation.


For a private consultation, please contact us at:  (514) 840-7319