One key to successful investing is developing an appropriate mix between bonds, stocks and cash, a mix that allows you to manage risk intelligently; another is diversification within various asset classes to reduce security-specific risk. Still another is sticking to your investment plan over the long-term and avoiding hasty adjustments in reaction to short-term market volatility that can have a negative impact on your reaching your financial goals.

As a client of RBC Dominion Securities focused on building your portfolio, you benefit not only from my expertise but also from the collective expertise of our Portfolio Advisory Group. This group of top economists, research analysts and investment strategist provides objective intelligence on securities, portfolio structure and asset mix.

Portfolios are constructed with a focus on preserving capital by investing with a margin of safety, rational long-term thinking and choosing investments that offer growth and quality.

Given that the economic landscape is always changing, the approach taken to ensure long-term asset growth is based on vigilance. In fact, I see the close monitoring of your investment portfolio as an extremely important part of my professional duties.

From time to time, I may suggest changes in your asset/security allocation to keep pace with changes in the market conditions. I will also periodically review your portfolio and suggest changes as your personal situation changes.

The result will be a portfolio custom-tailored to meet your financial goals- a portfolio flexible enough to respond to changes in your investment objectives but disciplined enough to maximize your financial returns over the long term.