myGPS™ offers a prioritized view of your financial goals and recommends solutions to help achieve your wealth management needs.

Goals: A wealth planning solution to identify and report on your goals

Priorities: An integrated approach that pulls everything financially important into one place, enabling you to define and prioritize your milestones

Solutions: An advice approach that helps identify opportunities and solutions on how to pursue those opportunities

myGPS™ provides an overview of your financial picture and how you are tracking to your short-term and long-term goals. Helping to provide financial peace of mind, myGPS™ helps answer Six key questions that can easily keep you awake at night.

  •  What does my current financial situation look like?
  •  If I live to be 90, will I have sufficient funds to maintain my current and/or desired lifestyle?
  •  If I die tomorrow, will my family be sufficiently provided for financially?
  •  How does changing my financial assumptions impact my future financial situation?
  •  What can I do to ensure my financial goals and priorities become reality?
  •  Could my business survive a major change or crisis?

Most in the field of personal finance agree that financial planning is an essential part of keeping your finances on track. For many people, though, a full financial plan can be expensive, time-consuming to prepare, and generate complicated output not appropriate in all situations. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simpler way to get a holistic view of your changing wealth management needs and track progress towards meeting your future financial goals?


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