Preserving and growing investments

Mary was referred to me based on her background as an institutional portfolio manager responsible for almost $1 billion in assets. I was confident that I could rely on Mary to build a well-diversified portfolio and preserve and grow my investments.

Thank you for continuing to meet my financial goals, Mary, and for taking time to meet with me on a regular basis.

- Lawrence

Remarkably trustworthy and attentive

My life was very busy and I was spending so much time on my investments. I engaged Mary as a portfolio manager and have never looked back. My portfolio is constantly monitored on an individual basis and I have never encountered a more conscientious individual than Mary. I have total confidence in Marys skills and abilities and I am now free to pursue my many interests and deal with my busy schedule. Thanks, Mary, for bringing me peace of mind.

- Dian

A comfortable relationship

For years I was intimidated by markets and my investment advisors. I did not understand what I owned and felt diminished when making queries. Mary has explained the investment process and updates me regularly on my holdings. Her experience as a portfolio manager and analyst is evident by the information she provides. I am pleased that you have selected investments that are suitable for me, Mary.

- Monique

Exceptional experience

Mary spent years as a member of institutional asset mix committees and uses these skills to monitor and adjust my portfolios exposure to various sectors of the economy. I am impressed with Marys exceptional performance in down markets. Keep up the good work, Mary.

- Lorie

A Dedicated Professional

I have only known Mary for about 6 months, but in that time have grown to respect her for both her integrity and knowledge of the financial markets. My husband and I have had mixed experience with investment advisors in the past where there often seemed a formulaic approach to investing our money and once invested we were left with a sense that the advisors work was over. This left us exposed to downturns in the market and it seemed to be up to us to activate changes in how our money was invested. Once we decided to place our money in her hands the passion with which Mary set to work investing it was most impressive. In my experience it is unusual to find a professional who exhibits this level of dedication and commitment to their field. Our anxiety is reduced as we believe we have a competent, dedicated professional who will respond appropriately as the markets dictate, thus saving us the worry of doing so ourselves!

- Judy

Mary Loforte

Senior Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor