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Sep 28, 2020 | MArk Ryan


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Although today showed green, North American markets pulled back 2-4% this week. Whatever the political twists, turns (and burns) we use to describe the just-ended summer, the virus is still the hinge point.

Wanna Buy an RV?

Not least of COVID’s impacts -- the travel business. We see in this report that leisure travelers are shunning the friendly skies and waters in exchange for the motorhome. So… it might be a good time to sell your RV Global Insight Weekly


Also COVID-related

Is it just me, or did I just link a 1 ¼ page, double-spaced, report, with a size 85 font title and a big shiny graph in the middle, followed by… 3 full pages of fine-print lawyerly stuff? I think somebody stayed up late watching Netflix instead of working on their homework. Tsk tsk. C+

But there is some other news:

Brexit: Going out with a bang?

The UK government appears ready to leave the EU without a trade deal. We look at the prospects for future free trade agreements with the EU and the U.S., and highlight considerations for UK equities and fixed income investments.

Regional developments: Spending measures expansion plans in Canada; U.S. equity correction; Financials sector takes a hit in Europe & UK; giant dual listing in the works in Hong Kong & Shanghai. 

Full report here:  Global Insight Weekly


And as for sports this weekend. Never mind. It’s just all so weird.


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