Strawberries are drinking it up

Jul 13, 2020 | Mark Ryan


It was sunny there for a minute. If there’s a bonus to enduring a 4-month April, it’s the luscious wild strawberries spontaneously adorning the greenspaces around my part of town. Seriously, I think these are maybe the biggest, sweetest I’ve ever seen, and they’re making it difficult to focus on my morning bush ride. And the wildflowers this year are… biblical.


In the Markets. Amazon. Period.

Anyone in possession of AMZN shares is having a good weekend. The massive online everything corp just got massive-er, and promises to get still massive-er-er amidst the uptake of the idea from (somewhat) early-adopter to everyone else. Shares closed today at $3200 US, after dipping to $1626 back in March. Canada’s SHOP is also doing extremely well, despite not yet earning a profit. (AMZN had its period languishing back in the day too.) There’s a great interview on PBS’s “How I Built This,” outlining SHOP’s fantastic story. Who doesn’t love seeing someone make it happen – yes, from capitalism, right here in our own home sweet home?


I’ve had some complaints about our latest iteration of Wealth Management online. Sometimes the big blue machine gets it wrong. And deftly steering a big ship is made a little tougher with COVID-handcuffs on. They say they’re trying, and I believe them. This is a pretty good outfit, but they messed up. We’ll fix it.

In the 90’s, when call centres were becoming a thing, we weren’t very good at that at first either. (Are we yet? Please say yes.) Anyhow, I learned to call it our Customer Abuse Line, and when I knew a valued client was trapped under its weighty uselessness, I just started the conversation with: “Oh dear. I’m so sorry. What do you need? I’ll get it for you.” And we did. And we will.


Okay, not Only AMZN and SHOP:

Here’s a short audio file with highlights of the key content of Global Insight report for July.

Listen here (approximately 6-minute duration)


A U-turn for the auto sector?

It wasn’t that long ago that the auto sector was on an open road to the car of the future. But will the gauntlet of potholes left by COVID-19 cause the sector to swerve? Where is the auto sector going from here, and what does that mean for the prospects for autonomous and electric vehicles?

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Health Care in the sweet spot

The Health Care sector offers a unique combination of above-average forecast earnings growth, driven by powerful long-term trends, and below-average valuations. While the sector can be volatile in an election year, we believe investors should focus on its sustainable long-term prospects.

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Full July Report Here: Global Insight.


Enjoy your weekend. Should be nice.

If you’re a fish.