Jul 03, 2020 | Mark Ryan


Good afternoon.


When you live in Prince Rupert, as we did 30 years ago (ouch), you develop a warped sense of normal when it comes to the sky. It could rain every day – for eternity -- and nobody would be surprised. It doesn’t even count as a rain there unless it blows sideways, at a stiff enough pace to, say – blow puddles off the ground, or the door off your hotel. (I’ve seen both). A person eventually gives way to meteorological nihilism.


One morning our little 5 year old daughter walked out the door and in to a steady, blowing rain. But it was a relative spritzer tickling her face – not the usual hurricane. She stepped on to the porch – stopped suddenly, and looked enthusiastically to me: “Daddy – it’s sunny!”

No, it wasn’t.

So it’s been a rainy spring here in PG, but, well…


Market Update with Jim Allworth and Chris Oosthuizen.

Just skip to the Jim Allworth part if you don’t want to sit through what amounts to an advertisement for how awesome we are. I mean, yes, we’re awesome, but what I like about Jim, is that he is actually 147 years old, which sort of takes the wind of a person’s avarice. I presume he is still working because he wants to, not because he has something to prove. There’s something comforting in a person who still speaks clearly, but is immune from some of the usual pressures bearing on him from a big firm.


Market Update with Jim Allworth and Chris Oosthuizen


Recording segments:

Regional Manager (Chris) intro and thanks: start - 2:35

Jim Allworth: 2:35 - 29:40

Chris introduces David Chilton “The Wealthy Barber”: 29:40 – 31:40

David Chilton short video: 31:40 – 33:50

Regional Manager close: 33:50 – 33:60




Enjoy your weekend.


Go Canucks. August playoffs. Weird.