October 2017

This article looks at three different ways of giving that provide significant tax advantages.

January 2017

Through the DS Online Secure Message Centre, you can send and receive secure messages to and from your us, you dedicated wealth management team.  With DS Online Secure Messaging, you can take comfort in sending personal and confidential information in a secure online environment protected by DS Online’s state-of-the-art technology and security procedures, backed by the RBC Dominion Securities 100% Online Guarantee.  Learn how to send a secure message by reading this guide or give us a call and we can walk you through how to use this technology today!

New industry-wide regulations are coming into effect.  These regulations, known as Client Relationship Model II (CRM2) are part of a global shift towards increased disclosure and transparency in the investment industry. 

These regulations will provide you with more details on the fees and performance of your investment accounts and improve your ability to assess how you are progressing towards your financial goals.  For more details, these two articles outline the changes you can expect beginning in January 2017.

CRM2: What it means for me

How is my Rate of Return calculated?

November 2016

“Perhaps the longest and most grueling (and lots of other metaphors we won’t share) U.S presidential campaign of them all is finally nearing its ultimate conclusion (we hope).  This is an in-depth guide to Canadians on how the events of November 8th will likely unfold – the key poll closings that are likely to give some sense of who will emerge victorious, the likely glide-path of each candidate’s electoral votes, and the Senate races to keep an eye on.  Enjoy!”

October 2016

In this presentation, RBC Capital Markets Canadian Equity Strategist Matt Barasch gives us some insight into the implications of the U.S. Election for Canada.”