Investment Environment - Winter 2017

Jan 18, 2019 |Mark Lloyd

If inflation remains low despite ongoing low interest rates, then I predict the stock market stays strong. In fact, if people who have been watching this market from the sidelines jump in now...

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Investment Environment - Spring 2018

Jul 09, 2018 |Mark Lloyd

The unfamiliar market volatility this year has many investors wondering if a day of reckoning is coming. After many years in a row of gains, isn’t a major correction inevitable, even imminent?

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Investment Environment - Fall 2017

Jul 04, 2018 |Mark Lloyd

Our typical client portfolio has earned an 11% rate-of-return over the last five-year period. But eight years into a bull market, are we not overdue for a correction? How we answer this question depends on how we foresee the future of interest rates

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