The freedom to live the life you want

If you desire greater freedom to focus on what’s really important to you, and the confidence of knowing that your portfolio is in the care of trusted professionals, we invite you to consider Private Investment Management (PIM) our premium level of discretionary wealth management.  

The framework for success

Every portfolio we build is based on core asset quality requirements that set the standards for security concentration, industry and sector diversification, market capitalization and credit quality.  Starting with the following six steps:

  1. Create your investment policy  -  Our first step in developing your portfolio is to understand your investment needs  –  the return you need to earn on your investments, your income requirements, comfort with market risk, time to invest, and other preferences.  Based on your needs, we’ll draft your Investment Policy Statement, the customized blueprint for your investment portfolio.
  2. Construct your portfolio  -  Based on your asset-allocation model, we will select an appropriate combination of investments for your portfolio.  We combine an understanding of the “big picture”  –  overall global economic and market trends  –  with fundamental research of individual investment opportunities.  Senior economists, portfolio strategists and research analysts from various parts of RBC augment our insights in these key areas.
  3. Manage your portfolio  -   Market and economic conditions change.  As needed, we make appropriate adjustments to your portfolio to respond to and anticipate the changing market and economic landscape.  If the outlook for a certain sector of the economy changes, we may adjust your holdings in that sector.   Similarly, if the outlook for a certain region of the world changes, your portfolio will be adjusted accordingly, within the guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement.
  4. Review and monitor your portfolio  -   Your portfolio is regularly monitored by our Portfolio Implementation and Risk Monitoring Group to help ensure your portfolio is managed according to the terms of your Investment Policy Statement, as well as core Private Investment Management guidelines designed to ensure you hold a mix of investments that align with your situation.
  5. Adjust your investment strategy  -  We will also meet with you on a regular basis to review your portfolio and get an update on your personal and financial situation.  Your goals are likely to change over time, and both your Investment Policy Statement and portfolio will need to reflect these changes.
  6. Keep you informed of your progress  -  You will receive a regular account statement that details the activity in your portfolio and provides the current market value of all your positions.  You also have access to your custody statement and timely market information through our secure private client website, DS Online.

Our disciplined process involves robust investment management guidelines, regular review and formal oversight helps to ensure that your portfolio is managed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.   Contact us today for more information about Private Investment Management (PIM).