Helping You to Achieve Your Goals

At RBC Dominion Securities we simplify our clients' financial lives by optimizing their investments. We use a consultative process to help our clients grow and protect their wealth to achieve their important financial goals. 

  • Customized Portfolio Management - Discretionary & Non-Discretionary;
  • Financial Planning;
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning; and
  • Wealth Management Strategies - including Trust, Estate and Charitable Foundation Planning.

When you first meet with Luke, he will ask a lot of questions to gain insight into your needs. RBC Dominion Securities offers a very broad and deep set of solutions. The challenge is to construct and implement the wealth management solutions most appropriate for you. To do this, Luke will need to understand your background, values about money, current life situation, tax position and long term goals.

Please contact Luke today to arrange your complimentary initial meeting.

Luke O'Brien, MBA, CFA, PFP

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


Professional Portrait

Brittany Atwood, B.Comm. (Hons)

Associate Advisor


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