Finding your Sense of Peace after Divorce

Your life is changing.  Financial assets need to be separated and you may be moving into a new home.  As if that isn’t enough….your retirement plan is up in the air, your pension (if you have one) is being split and your income will be divided for the foreseeable future.  If ever there was a time for professional assistance – this is it.  Our Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, Dawn Anderson will guide you through your decisions creating a new Financial Plan for you and your new responsibilities.  Professional support and detailed financial advice will create confidence in your decisions and help smooth the transition into the next phase of your life.

This is a new path and you need a new road map. What does that mean? At Livingston Wealth Management we will work with you on gathering all of your updated information to create a customized, year-by-year financial wealth plan.  Imagine the comfort it will bring to know what your sources of income are each year and how long your funds will last.  Working with your other professionals to incorporate tax strategies and government benefits, we will strive for the best outcome on your path forward.

 Understanding your financial situation, and having confidence in your plan, can reduce stress and provide peace of mind. With that comes a sense of calm.

If you would like to discuss this further, we would be happy to speak with you.