Keeping You Informed – Wills, Powers of Attorney and Naming a Trusted Contact

July 06, 2022 | Joanne Livingston


Earlier this year I sent out a note to introduce Suzanne Pellerin. Suzanne joined the team in January from LaBarge Weinstein LLP where she had practiced law for 8 years in the areas of wills, estates, and taxes. In the past few months, she has applied these skills to several client reviews with great success. Furthermore, the Securities Commission requires that we know who the trusted individuals are in our clients’ financial lives. With Suzanne’s help, we can not only gather the right information but also take the time to ensure that everything is as it should be. 


In the coming months, Suzanne is prepared to complete will reviews for any clients that would like to go through the process, as well as reaching out to those individuals where we might not have sufficient “trusted contact” information on file. By leveraging her past experience, we are able to include this additional level of advice to the services that you already receive with us. We think it is important to have a good understanding of how your estate will be distributed, and to ensure that such distribution aligns with your intentions. Her review will also consider how the settlement of your estate fits with your financial assets and the financial plan that we have created with you, making sure the distribution is done in the most tax-efficient way possible. Should any changes be required, she can work with your existing lawyer or provide you with a few referrals, as necessary, to make those updates.


Although not a topic people generally enjoy discussing while they are still healthy, a proper will and power of attorney can reduce any unnecessary cost with respect to the administration of the estate, and minimize any conflicts that may arise should the documents be unclear. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that every client has a will and power of attorney in place, and review those documents regularly to ensure that they are up to date. If you have not reviewed your estate documents recently, we suggest you consider taking advantage of this inclusive opportunity.


If you wish to learn more, please reach out to Suzanne directly at or at (613) 733-7553.




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