Welcome to the Watermark System – our process for optimizing all aspects of your wealth management.

The Watermark System is a planning matrix that takes your unique circumstances and creates a year-by-year wealth plan so you can see what is possible and realistic in your financial life. The System encompasses all facets of your wealth and is completely tailored to your goals. Through it, Joanne and Alan help investors mitigate risks, gain a sense of what is possible, clearly measure the progress of their goals and have confidence that they are doing everything they can to capture the opportunities available to them.

The Watermark System has five distinctive steps.

The Watermark Why

As a first step, we explore 10 key questions to understand what is most important to you and your family, essentially uncovering the “why” behind your wealth management needs. This includes concerns or dangers you may face, future milestones you are most excited for and advantages to your financial situation that will help you make the most of your wealth.

The Watermark Assessment

Using this information, we look to see how your circumstances can be organized to breathe life into your financial goals. We answer questions like:

Are your goals possible?

Do your current strategies serve you best in the long term?

Are there any overlooked opportunities?

The Watermark Plan

With a thorough understanding of your situation and aspirations, the Livingston MacDonald team constructs your personalized wealth management plan. They incorporate areas like financial planning, investment planning, Will & estate planning, tax-minimization strategies, creative insurance solutions and more to ensure that all of the interconnected components of your wealth are working in harmony.

The Watermark Delivery

At this stage, we show you all of the specifics of our recommended long-term strategy, and how it will work to grow and protect your wealth. It’s almost impossible to estimate the combined effects of 30 years of economic changes, but this presentation will help you see what may lie within the realm of possibility. It is at this stage that our clients often become fully confident in their financial futures.

The Watermark Service

The problem with most financial plans is that they are done once. A large-scale document is generated – filled with graphs, analyses and projections – but lives get busy and plans often end up sitting on a shelf. We believe this is the critical differentiator between success and failure. Through the Watermark System, we help you implement your plan, but also review it with you annually to ensure that it finds a place in your busy life. These reviews also provide an opportunity to adjust your plan to you evolving goals and circumstances. The Watermark System constantly returns to all five steps to keep you on track against your goals and objectives.