Linda and I have been clients of Alan’s for a number of years. We have found Alan and his team to be trustworthy, responsive and very client centered. I have also come to appreciate the high level financial planning resources that are available through RBC Dominion securities. Alan has a personal financial planner on his local team, but also has access to a team of legal and accounting professionals for those of us with specialized needs. I don’t hesitate to recommend Livingston MacDonald wealth management to friends and colleagues.

Andy Williams, CEO edjuster Inc.

We’ve been with Alan and his team for nearly 20 years. This says a lot. Throughout this time Alan has helped guide and advise us through the markets' many ups and downs - especially the down markets of early 2000’s and the 2008 financial crisis. He helps put the investment world in perspective for us and creates a plan that meets our needs. We have regularly scheduled reviews during the year which allow us to see where we’re at, review any changes in our needs, and decide on what changes might be required to the portfolio. Alan can be easily reached for questions, opinion, or advice. He’s honest, professional, a very good listener, easy to understand, and his investment knowledge is top notch. We’re very happy to have him as our investment advisor.

James and Karen Jerome, Ottawa

As clients of Livingston MacDonald Wealth Management, my wife Joanne and I have deeply benefited from the ‘Client-First’ culture that so strongly exists there; from the clarity in the financial planning guidance offered, including the Watermark Income Projections, to the tremendous synergy/co-operation between them and our accountancy firm………….the value proposition at Livingston MacDonald is second to none! Having such a heightened sense of security and confidence in the team you’ve given charge of managing your assets is extremely re-assuring and valuable beyond words………THANK YOU!

David A. Costanzo, General Manager The Aurum Group

Alan Macdonald and his team/colleagues have been providing us with financial, investment and retirement advice for the past 15 years. Over the years, we have learned to appreciate Alan’s sound evidence-based analysis and professionalism. He is also very responsive to our needs and aspirations with regards to our investments. His regular updates are based on performance data accompanied by a plan for the short and long term. Alan’s good sense of humour makes every routine review of our financial statements a worthwhile exercise despite the vagaries of the marketplace.

David Zussman and Sheridan Scott, Victoria

I have worked as an advisor in the Insurance and Estate Planning field for the past 10 + years. I have worked alongside a large number of advisors and the biggest compliment I can give Alan and Joanne is that I trust them with my own personal investments and financial planning.

They are the utmost professionals and they have, over the years, developed a team around them that reflects this vision. Every time I walk into their office I get a sense of professionals that are extremely calm and in control. That’s exactly how I want my investment advisor and his team to be.

Hugh Doyle, President Pro-Corp Financial
Your financial advisor will directly or indirectly affect your life. So choosing the right one is important. The best ones offer a positive track record, are technically knowledgeable, have access to the best support and resources and more. That's mandatory but not enough. Other key selection elements for us included the ability for the advisor to create a detailed long term plan that matched our resources, our lifestyle requirements, our tolerance for risk and a regular detailed and transparent review to adjust the progress against the plan. The MacDonald team offers all of this but yet that's not enough. It is most critical to select a partner you can totally trust and also a partner that conveys a set of compatible personal values. This is why we continue to work in total confidence with Alan's team.

Louis and Monique Payant, Ottawa

Why do we like to work with you and your team? Let me count the ways.

First, we appreciate the time you spent getting to know us and developing an investment policy that is in keeping with our goals and risk tolerance. And, making sure that all the members of the team know us as well. Second, after dealing with many other advisors who were vague about everything except their commissions, we are very pleased and impressed that you provided and continue to provide every year written projections of the expected results of the investment strategies, the present and future values, and the assumptions on which the growth is founded. Third, we have come to appreciate how skillfully and effectively you and your team focus on sustainable financial results within policy. You and your team make it look easy :). Fourth, we are reassured by your ongoing availability to answer questions and address our fears or concerns and with your commitment to keeping us regularly updated. Last, but by no means least, as long-time clients, we have seen and continue to see real improvements in our portfolios, which provides us with a sense of security based on our confidence in you.

Looking forward to our continuing relationship.

Vincent and Jeannine Aubé, Ottawa