Now Available - Electronic Delivery of Tax Forms

Nov 07, 2018 | Darmidy Goodine


Beginning in January of 2019, you will now have the option of receiving your RBC Dominion Securities tax documents through your DS Online account. This includes tax forms, slips, receipts, and other documentation (including T3, T5, RRSP contribution receipts, etc).


There are two ways to switch to eDelivery:

  1. Provide us with written consent to make the change on your behalf. You can can contact our office if you would like to receive a paper form to complete, or you can log into your DS Online and send us a Secure Two Way Message requesting the change. Please include the full account numbers of all the accounts you would like to receive the electronic tax documents for. Please note that the request must originate from the owner of the account’s DS Online (unless there is an active POA) – a trading authority cannot request electronic tax documents. Regular unsecured emails cannot be accepted for this method.
  2. Self-enroll via your DS Online account. You can enable the feature by clicking on “View & Manage Documents” at the top of the summary page.

Please note that for privacy reasons, Trading Authorities will not be granted access to view electronic tax documents for personal or non-individual accounts. Only Applicants/Co-Applicants, Executors, Trustees, Powers of Attorney, and Signing Officers will have access to eTax. 


If you have provided our office with written permission to send tax documentation to your accountant, they will still continue to receive paper copies of all the documents. 


Please let us know if you have any questions about this offering. We hope this will help streamline your tax season and allow you to provide your tax professionals with your information more quickly and easily than in years past.