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Retirement Planning

  • How much money will you need so you don’t outlive your savings?
  • How can you balance growth, safety & income?
  • What will you do during retirement?
  • Do you intend to pass your savings to your family?

Retirement Income Planning

  • What lifestyle do you want to support?
  • Sources of retirement income
  • Asset Withdrawal Order
  • Pension Income Splitting

Estate Planning

  • Common element of an estate plan
  • Deciding how you want to pass your legacy
  • Determining who to entrust this to
  • Getting things in order
  • Emotional preparedness
  • Expectation setting

Estate Planning Using Insurance

  • Estate Planning Myths
  • Estate Creation vs. Preservation
  • What Can Insurance Do For You?
  • Qualifying For Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Coverage Overview
  • Estate Creation vs. Preservation Using Life Insurance

Strategies to Pay less Tax during Retirement

  • Registered Plans
  • Asset withdrawal order
  • Minimum RRIF withdrawal planning
  • CPP/QPP sharing
  • Tax-preferred investment income
  • Pension income splitting
  • Spousal loans

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (for women)

  • Why should you invest?
  • Financial challenges unique to women
  • Challenges and solutions for every life stage
  • Wealth management solutions
  • Basic Investing Principles

Making the most of your Tax Free Savings Account ( TFSA)

  • What is a TFSA?
  • Difference between RRSP, TFSA & non-Registered
  • How contribution accumulate
  • How a TFSA fits into the overall Financial Plan
  • Income splitting with a TFSA
  • How a TFSA fits into your Estate Plan

Investing 101 & 201

  • Basic Investment principles
  • Investing and you
  • Investment choices
  • What you can own
  • Where you can own it


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