Financial fitness is different for everyone. I help people balance today's finances, build for tomorrow’s and be prepared for the eventual and the unexpected so they can focus on what's important to them‎. I do what I do because I whole-heartedly believe in the health and wealth benefits of sound financial planning.

Providing personalized wealth management services and financial planning, I ensure my clients can answer "yes” questions such as these:
  • Are your finances in order today?  
  • Are you headed in the right direction for the future?
  • Are you reasonably prepared for the unexpected?

Through active listening and detailed discovery of needs and opportunities, we architect a financial plan that aligns lifestyle and retirement plan with resources.  This plan is the foundation we build upon and renovate as time and situation changes.  My client’s goals, dreams, concerns and realities are in the forefront of every decision, ensuring financial opportunities are identified and they are protected from common investing pitfalls. 

As client's needs and goals change overtime, sometimes without warning, we stay on top of things with a systematic and thorough review of their situation.  This ensures the plan evolves with them, be it a change in goals, finances or life situation. 

Linda Holmes


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