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View your documents electronically with eDocuments


Go paperless with eDocuments to reduce your paperwork, while helping us reduce our impact on the environment.


With eDocuments, you can securely view your RBC Dominion Securities account documents (such as statements, confirmations and prospectuses) in Adobe PDF format from the convenience of your personal computer. By choosing eDocuments, you have less paperwork to file or shred, saving you time and helping to protect the environment. Plus, you can quickly access a seven-year archive of your account statements (starting December 2011 for confirmations and prospectuses).


The choice is yours

You can choose either eDocuments or regular paper documents – it's up to you. If you want to switch to eDocuments, follow the easy steps below. If you'd rather receive paper documents instead, do nothing – they will continue to come in the mail as before.


Accessing your eDocuments

  • To add eDocuments to personal accounts: simply call us and we'll change your accounts over the phone and set you up for DS Online if required. Otherwise, please click here and follow the steps.
  • To add eDocuments to business and corporate accounts: get in touch with us first to complete a consent form, then you can follow the same steps as personal accounts.

To learn more about eDocuments or DS Online, please contact us.

Your secure, 24-hour personal investment centre

DS Online allows you to easily keep track of the progress you're making towards achieving your financial goals from any computer with a secure Internet connection.

Key features and benefits of DS Online

  • eDocuments
    Access your documents at any time. With our seven-year archive you'll be able to access your documents (such as statements,confirmations and prospectuses) through DS Online at your convenience.

  • RBC Royal Bank Online Banking
    You can use the same login and password to access DS Online. What's more, your accounts with us can be viewed when you access online banking.

  • Detailed account information
    View your account information, transaction history, investment news and research 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Intraday holdings & balances
    Check the value of your equities, options and mutual funds based on current market pricing.
  • Real-time fund transfers
    You can transfer funds from your RBC Royal Bank accounts to your RBC Dominion Securities accounts in real-time (during regular business hours).
  • Order status
    Check the status of your trade orders.
  • Real-time quotes
    Obtain detailed real-time quotes for stocks and options listed on Canadian and U.S. markets, and daily closing prices for mutual funds.
  • Custom watchlists
    Create custom “watchlists” of up to 15 securities you want to monitor.
  • Streaming quotes
    Access streaming quotes right from your custom “watchlists”.
  • Mutual funds
    Access a wide range of Mutual Fund information.
  • Enhanced research capabilities
    The Markets & Research page provides current trading day market snapshots, commentary and news.
  • Latest news
    Access current business news and market information.
  • Secure and private
    Enjoy secure and private online account access backed by our DS Online 100% Security Guarantee. 

Sign into DS Online

To learn more about DS Online or eDocuments, please contact us.

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