Become Educated.

  Feel Empowered.

    Plan with Confidence.

Women are increasingly taking control over their wealth and legacy. We offer a collaborative approach when working with our clients and ensure all members of the household are involved. Becoming educated ultimately helps you feel empowered and confident with your wealth management plan. We take great pride in providing a welcoming, patient environment that fosters trust and the time needed for us to truly understand your needs and how we can help.

“Lauren is a fantastic listener, very kind, patient and empathetic. She is also clearly knowledgeable in her
profession but it was her interpersonal skills, her ability to relate to our family's experience of loss (we began
working with her when my husband died). Lauren was a lifesaver in helping me and my daughter through all of
the tasks and hurdles (and tears) associated with the estate and in thinking about my financial future as a
widow. She was patient and clear and proactive. Lauren is a fantastic asset to RBC."

Helen C. and daughter Gloria, RBC Wealth Management clients

Insights for women and wealth

Women are controlling more wealth than ever before.  Women are adding considerable assets to their wealth each year. Despite this, many women do not feel confident about their ability to manage their finances and investments.  We are here to help you take charge of your financial future with a focus on what matters to you and your unique situation.

Please browse our articles and insights from a female perspective.