Working with Business Owners and Affluent Families to Create a Comfortable Retirement and a Lasting Legacy for your Family

Our mission: To build you a better brighter retirement and legacy.

With over 120 years of combined industry experience across the team, Bennett Wealth Management helps you reach your goals and dreams while simplifying your financial affairs - period.

We work on one basic premise : that investments, planning, and tax minimization are ALL required parts of a complete plan.

Without integration, you are leaving money (which is really comfort and freedom) on the table.

Our process brings together the elements required to implement a comprehensive wealth management approach tailored to your family's needs. We give you peace of mind and clarity about your financial future.

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What My Clients Say

"I would describe Lance Bennett as very professional. Working with him has helped me make informed investment decisions. He uses a specialized approach that provides real value. I know that when I contact Lance, even if I can't reach him immediately , I can count on getting a prompt response. He is very focused on exceptional customer service."

William Burt-Plato Consulting Ltd.

"The key to receiving and using good investment advice is working with people like Lance Bennett and coming away knowing you have unbiased, fair, and honest information to deal with in making decisions now and in the future. Lance does a good job of explaining the strategies used while allowing your input and accepting your final decisions."

Don Ainley

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