Our growing group of high-net-worth female clients

Susan Kopas has built relationships with an expanding group of high-net-worth female clients, including professionals, executives and business owners, both married and single.

We recognize the unique relationship women have with their money and financial independence. As a result, we are able to advise them in a manner consistent with their distinctive expectations and goals.

A recent RBC Wealth Management survey – Connecting with the female investor – published a comprehensive analysis of women’s relationship with wealth. What follows are just a few key insights:

  • High net worth mothers prioritize their children’s college education ahead of their own retirement savings. They may wish to consider maximizing retirement savings first and develop a college savings strategy with other funds.
  • Women view their wealth as a means to make a positive change. 62% of high net worth women cite social impact as being very or extremely important compared to 50%. For this reason, women may wish to consider sharing their wealth during their lifetime.
  • Women tend to be more risk aware and may choose lower-risk investments resulting in lower returns.
  • Women-owned businesses comprise 31% of all privately held businesses – and 20% of businesses with revenues of $1 million or more.
  • Women take a proactive approach to educating the next generation, and this trend is increasing with each generation.
  • Women live longer than men, which may require additional assets to cover lifetime needs.

Another recent report published by RBC Wealth Management – Women and wealth transfer – observed:

  1. Women have a powerful impact on family wealth and the transfer of assets to the next generation.
  2. Women are the critical decision-makers in matters of family wealth and educating their children about money.
  3. Women take a collaborative approach to financial knowledge and management, and look to a broad range of sources for advice and support.


If you believe that your current advisor is paying insufficient attention to your personal or family financial expectations and wealth building needs, contact Susan Kopas:

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