A Comfortable AND Purpose Driven Retirement?

September 25, 2023 | Metkel Kebede


How do we define a comfortable and purpose driven retirement?


Affording a Lifestyle?

Having Enough Funds?

Having Your Health?


Yes to all.  The # 1 Question that usually comes before Retirement is "Will I have enough Funds to last my life?" 

We plan for this. It starts well before retirement.


What about your Purpose during Retirement?

I have been in many conversations with Mike Worsfold, Retirement Coach to explore this topic on having a fulfilling retirement.


Here is an exert from his latest blog:


The traditional narrative for retirement is oriented towards seeking pleasure: Travel, hobbies, unlimited golf, long walks, time for family and friends, and so on. It’s like a long vacation. Ads show the happy retired couple with palm trees in the background. It’s the story of the good life.

The problem is that for people who have a lifetime of conditioning of work and responsibility, retirement may feel like living in a vacuum


Where do we go from here?


Stay tuned for our next Blog featuring Mike Worsfold to explore this topic in greater depth.