While our clients come from varied backgrounds, they all share a need for professional assistance managing their wealth and they prefer to receive this assistance from a personal Investment Advisor.  Our clients include:




Entrepreneurs who require assistance managing their personal and business assets, preparing for business succession, converting business assets into personal assets tax efficiently and potentially equalizing their estate.

High Income Earners looking to enhance their retirement savings beyond their company pension plans.

Retirees requiring innovative strategies to maximize their after-tax retirement income and preserving capital generated during their career.

Medical professionals such as doctors and dentists who may need a greater range of wealth management options and can benefit from enhanced retirement strategies.

Lawyers, accountants and real estate specialists who may require assistance with their personal assets as well as a trusted partner to service shared clients.


Kevin's Second Opinion

If you already have a financial advisor and are not sure if he/she is doing a good job for you, schedule a free second opinion review with us. We are happy to explore with you whether we can add substantial value.

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