The Simpson/Caputo Group


Our role in developing a client's hedging strategy involves determining their hedge objectives, designing a market strategy and integrating recommendations from our experience, our proprietary research as well as independent sources.

We want our clients to feel confident when they are faced with buying and selling choices in the market. With our knowledge, experience and integrity in the futures and options market, we help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

- Bert, Kevin and Tyler



How Do You Get Started?

Call or email Kevin or Bert toll free 1.866.989.0997 / for a no-obligation meeting to review your hedging opportunities.

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Kevin Simpson

Investment Advisor, Commodity Futures Specialist CFA

Bert Caputo

Investment Advisor, Commodity & Futures Advisor CFA

Kathy ILL

Administrative Assistant

Tyler Durst

Associate Advisor

Devin Ouimet

Marketing Associate