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Specialists in Managing Price Risk Using Futures & Futures Options
Kevin & Bert - The Risk Management Team

Our role in developing a client's hedging strategy involves determining their hedge objectives, designing a market strategy and integrating recommendations from our experience, our proprietary research as well as independent sources.
We want our clients to feel confident when they are faced with buying and selling choices in the market. With our knowledge, experience and integrity in the futures and options market, we help our clients achieve their marketing goals.
Get started on your hedging strategy now. Let us show you how our services can help you meet your needs.
  • Cash crop producers with 1,000 or more acres of grain or oilseed production, who are doing forward contracting but looking at other options in their marketing plans
  • Livestock producers including hog producers with 500 or more sows, or shipping 1,000 or more market hogs per month; cattle producers with 500 or more head of cattle; and other livestock producers needing to hedge feed costs
  • Grain elevators looking for trade execution, or learning how to hedge their inventories
  • Food processor companies requiring a hedge against the increasing price of inputs, such as corn, wheat and sugar
  • Oil and gas companies needing to hedge their price risk to the crude oil, heating oil (diesel fuel), unleaded gas and natural gas markets
  • Corporations including wholesale fuel dealers and independent gas retailer with a minimum usage of 42,000 gallons monthly
  • High-net-worth individuals who are one, seeking direct access to a specific commodity market and/or currency, and two, wanting Canadian-dollar hedging strategies designed to hedge currency risk on US-dollar equity portfolios
  • Importers and exporters who wish to manage and hedge currency risk of $500,000 or more per year
Our Four Stage Process to Identify Risk and Opportunities
  1. We meet to review risks, opportunities, finances and goals.
  2. We develop a specific marketing plan tailored to you and your business.
  3. We implement the plan by executing appropriate transactions in the futures and options markets.
  4. We consistently monitor markets in a search for new hedging opportunities, and we advise adjustments in response to your changing needs or the market dynamics.
How Do You Get Started?
  • Call or email Kevin or Bert toll free 1.866.989.0997 / for a no-obligation meeting to review your hedging opportunities.

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