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Cross-border families:

US citizens living in Canada.  If you are a US citizen living in Canada you have reporting responsibilities to the IRS.  This means you must be mindful of certain investments which could be considered foreign trusts, and could run afoul of IRS regulations.  These are mostly Canadian mutual funds, ETFs and some income trusts.  Our RBC internal monitoring flags these investments should they inadvertently be purchased in your account.  My team and I also work with internal and external planners to help you remain compliant with US tax law.

US residents often have holdings in Canada for a number or reasons.  We work closely with you to ensure any Canadian holdings are compliant with IRS requirements.  We can also liaise with your local tax planning professionals to ensure they have the correct tax reporting information.  Again, our internal and external partners can serve as additional resources for you.

Canadians living overseas have unique concerns.  Given that you no longer reside in Canada, the primary concern is that your investments are not taxed by Canadian authorities.  It is important to note that once you are a non-resident of Canada your investment account is coded accordingly, and will not be considered Canadian property.  My team and I work closely with many Canadians living overseas who have a high level of comfort in having their investments held with one of the top ranked banks in the world for safety. 

También ofrecemos servicios de inversión en español.  Si Usted prefiere hablar en español, no hay ningún problema, y además podemos coordinar con funcionarios dentro del banco que son hispanohablantes.  Estamos aquí para servirles en la mejor manera que podemos.

While many Canadian families may consider that they do not have much in the way of cross border concerns, my team’s focus is to fully understand your particular circumstances.   Whether it’s a vacation property in the US, a child living in Europe, a second nationality, or any other number of situations that can create a unique set of planning conditions.  We are alert to these situations, and help you plan accordingly.  Our focus is to protect and grow your wealth.