With most investment programs, you are fit to the program. However with our portfolio management system the program is fit to you.

Your portfolio is individually crafted based on your unique needs for capital growth, investment income and asset preservation. Then, your portfolio is professionally managed for you within strict parameters, freeing you to focus on your other important priorities with confidence.

Your customized portfolio provides:

  • The expertise of leading independent asset management firms, carefully assessed through in-depth research, and brought together in a coordinated, customized portfolio.
  • A sophisticated, tax-efficient portfolio that gives you direct ownership of the individual investments in your portfolio, providing greater control over taxable events.
  • The latest portfolio management technology that brings together multiple asset managers into a single, unified portfolio with consolidated reporting and synchronized asset allocation.
  • A proven investment discipline that ensures your portfolio is set, monitored and rebalanced according to your specific investment guidelines.
  • A modern approach that enables you to achieve capital growth, without compromising on your personal values.

Diversifying your investments is the golden rule for reducing risk. Your portfolio benefits from three levels of diversification through our platform, delivering a “multi-asset, multi-style, multi-manager” approach. 

With O’Sullivan Wealth Management as your team of advisors, the strict due diligence provided by RBC and the world’s top investment management firms at your disposal, our objective is to provide you with a peace of mind wealth management solution.

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