Macro Memo - February 2 - 8, 2021

Feb 03, 2021 | Brian Moore


In this #MacroMemo, you’ll read the latest on: • Virus developments • Vaccination developments • Economic developments • The balance of macro risks

RBC GAM MacroMemo Feb. 2-8, 2021

Overall, recent developments arguably skew more positive than negative; critically, the COVID-19 infection numbers continue to fall with remarkable speed. Two new vaccines have reported positive results and are seeking government approval. The supply of vaccines appears set to increase via a mix of factory retooling, outsourcing and the aforementioned new vaccines. While many service industries remain deeply depressed, global manufacturing is actually booming. There are nevertheless a few new negatives; one of the new vaccines had passable but arguably underwhelming results. The rate of inoculation has been slower than desired, and highly inconsistent across countries. Click here for the full report; RBC GAM MacroMemo.