RBC GAM Monthly Economic Webcast - October 2020

Oct 05, 2020 | Brian Moore


Hear directly from RBC GAM Chief Economist, Eric Lascelles in his monthly updates. Representing RBC GAM Investment Strategy Committee's (RISC) economic views, Eric shares timely insights and the expectations of RBC GAM on the global economy.

RBC GAM Monthly Economic Webcast-October 2020

Chief Economist Eric Lascelles provides the latest economic update, as countries enter a second, and potentially third wave of the pandemic. Globally, governments are responding to the virus in different ways. Yet, how effective their measures are may depend on their ability to address three common goals: minimizing transmission, maximizing the economy, and normalizing citizens’ daily lives. Eric also weighs in on the short and long-term economic impacts on the U.S. political front, as Election Day nears. 


Click here for the full webcast; RBC GAM Monthly Economic Webcast.