The 10 Minute Take - How the crises of 2020 have focused investors on ESG

Sep 17, 2020 | Brian Moore


The 10-Minute Take podcast provides insights from RBC economists and market experts on events unfolding around the globe. Featuring Sara Mahaffy, RBC Capital Markets’ U.S. Equity Strategist.

The 10 Minute Take Podcast

2020 brought us a pandemic and a boiling point in protests over racial inequities – and investors took notice. It’s why the market has seen record flows into ESG – or, environmental, social, and governance – funds, which have benefited sectors that may be surprising to some. Could we see more funds going into traditional sectors? And what trends may gain momentum into 2021? Sara Mahaffy, RBC Capital Markets’ U.S. Equity Strategist, shares her findings on ESG performance.


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