The 10 Minute Take - How the lockdown may hamper Canada’s immigrant-fueled growth

Jun 02, 2020 | Brian Moore


The 10-Minute Take podcast provides insights from RBC economists and market experts on events unfolding around the globe. Featuring Dawn Desjardins, RBC’s Deputy Chief Economist.

The 10 Minute Take Podcast

2020 was supposed to be a record year for newcomers to Canada – what the country needed to offset an aging population. But then COVID happened. The lockdown, of course, didn’t only restrict the movement of people – it dealt a serious blow to Canada’s labour market with knock-on effects to other parts of the economy. How are sectors that depend on immigrants, such as agriculture and healthcare, faring? What are the broader consequences if newcomers stop coming? Dawn Desjardins, RBC’s Deputy Chief Economist, shares how the drop in immigration levels is impacting our economy.


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