Hazzardous Notes Newsletter for May/June, 2021

Jun 30, 2021 | Kevin J. Hazzard


On a recent weekend trip to Niagara Falls, we captured this picture standing on the "Hornblower" tour boat - the Canadian equivalent to the "Maid of the Mist".

Opening Notes

The newsletter is a bit tardy this month and I am writing the May/June newsletter looking at a current July calendar.  The weather has been relatively good this summer thus far.  Lots of rain and lots of heat would summarize things well.  The cover photo for this edition of the newsletter was taken in Niagara Falls a couple of weeks ago when my family spent a weekend in the Niagara area.  We captured this photo on the Canadian equivalent of the "Maid of the Mist" tour boat.  After many trips here over my lifetime, I had never went on this tour.  It provided some beautiful picture opportunities that simply aren't available unless you are right on the water looking up.  I highly recommend the tour, just be prepared for significant mist and wind.  You will get wet. 

We are writing this edition of the newsletter in the office.  After sixteen months essentially working from home, we are now back into the office and enjoying some semblance of normalcy.  Things are not completely normal as we need to complete daily health questionnaires, wear masks and limit numbers in the office, but it is still nice to get back in here.  We are allowed to have in-person meetings with clients, but for now we are only allowed to meet in the boardroom by appointment.  If you would like to meet, please give us a few days notice to ensure we have availability.  We have included a couple pics of Craig and myself to help everyone remember what we look like.  Michelle is on holidays this week so she missed out on picture day.

We hope everyone enjoys the summer months with your family.  Let's all hope that the steady return to normal can continue as we proceed toward the Fall.  Let us know if we can do anything for you.  We will be here.

Global Monthly Insight report

With everything happening around the world and the daily deluge of information from the internet and 24/7 news cycles, it is helpful at times to take a step back and see what the experts at RBC are thinking. The firm prepares and publishes each month a report called the RBC Global Monthly Insight. The latest issue is always available on our Hazzard Wealth Management website under the Hazzardous Notes Blog section (on the right side of that page). It is an easy read and will keep you up to date on global markets, fixed income, the economy and various topics of interest. The July issue has a feature article on the growing trend toward Fintech - the convergence of finance and technology. Click here to be taken to this month's edition (press the back button to return to the newsletter)  You will see the link to download on the right hand side of the page: The RBC Global Insight Monthly

What's New this Month?

This is a new section that we have added to the newsletter blog that provides a brief comment on recent developments that may impact you or your family.  Though we won't provide a lot of detail around these items, we want to bring them to your attention and invite you to follow the provided website links to learn more.  New this month:

  • Ontario Wills & Marriage - Ontario has changed the succession laws whereby marriage no longer revokes a will.  For more information see this link (press the back button to return to the newsletter):  Ontario Bill 245
  • Ontario permits virtual signing & witnessing on wills and POAs on a permanent basis - Ontario has made the temporary measure which allowed wills and powers of attorneys (POAs) to be witnessed virtually a permanent one.  This change is captured in the same Ontario Bill 245 above.
  • Ontario probate process - Procedural changes were introduced by the Ontario government in April 2021 for estates worth $150,000 or less. This should reduce the administrative burden for smaller estates.  See this announcement from the Ontario website for more information (press the back button to return to the newsletter):  Ontario Making It Easier and Less Costly to Manage Small Estates