Hazzardous Notes Newsletter for Mar/Apr, 2021

Apr 29, 2021 | Kevin J. Hazzard


A Spring walk on the beach at Canatara Park inspired my daughter to take a selfie of us while we froze in the windy conditions off of Lake Huron. It was only a month or so before this that the beach was covered in mountains of ice.

A cold day for the beach...

Opening Notes

Wow.  We have come full circle through an entire year since this pandemic began.  My cover photo this month shows our family out trying to get some fresh air at Canatara Park on one of our many walks around the city.  We have seen many families out doing the exact same thing as we all try to keep our mental fitness intact despite the isolation that we are all forced into.  Hopefully with the steady rollout of vaccines in coming months, we can begin to turn the corner on this thing and again live normal lives with our friends and families - yes, even those family members outside of our own households. 

In true pandemic form, my older son and I have been trying to keep busy on projects around the house.  We came up with the idea to build an outdoor kitchen back in February.  This project has helped us fill many weekends and evenings with something to do.  I have provided a couple pictures of our efforts...turning out not too bad if I do say so myself.  After finishing a short wall to hold electrical boxes, our final step is to build moulds and pour our own cement countertops.  If that all comes together like we hope it will, we should have everything done to enjoy this summer.

Investment markets have relentlessly continued to push upward the past twelve months despite the pandemic we are facing.  Though a more substantial and prolonged pullback would be expected at some point, the overall long-term, bullish trend appears to be intact for now.  See our RBC monthly Global Insight report provided below for more details on where RBC sees things heading for the balance of 2021.  Craig, Michelle and myself are still working from home until further notice.  Let us know if you need anything from us.  Enjoy the nicer Spring weather that is just around the corner. 

Highlights from 2021 Federal Budget

It has been some time since a Federal budget was released.  With our federal and provincial governments spending enormous amounts of money in efforts to keep our Canadian economy on track despite the challenges of shutdowns and lockdowns, it is an especially important year to review the contents of the recently released Federal budget.  RBC Wealth Management Services analyzes the latest proposed federal budget measures, and the effect they may have on you.

To read this report, please click on the following link (press on your browser to return to the newsletter):  Highlights from 2021 Federal Budget

2021 Guide to Covid-19 Resources

The Government of Canada and financial institutions, including RBC, are working together to offer financial support programs for Canadians. RBC remains committed to keeping you informed about initiatives to support you during this time. This guide is a summary of a number of economic relief measures that have been announced to-date to support individuals and businesses. The information in this guide is current as of March 22, 2021.  Please feel free to share this link with others that may benefit from it. 

To read this report, please click on the following link (press on your browser to return to the newsletter): Covid-19 Support Guide as of March, 2021

Global Insight May, 2021

The U.S. economy has moved into a higher gear, with other major economies gathering speed. Strong economic and earnings momentum, robustly positive consumer and business confidence, and policy set at "supportive" combine to produce a constructive outlook for equities.

Included are two good articles on developments in global equity and fixed income.  In addition, there are two interesting articles on the rise of "Greentech" and hydrogen.

To read this Global insight report, please click on the following link (press on your browser to return to the newsletter): Global Insight Monthly for May, 2021