RBC Insight on current weakness in markets

Feb 27, 2020 | Kevin J. Hazzard


See reports below for good insight on recent weakness in markets due to Coronavirus concerns...

After many years of consistent and strong markets, markets this week have been volatile and down sharply on concerns surrounding the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus contagion.  Having been in this business since 1995, I have seen many news-driven and significant market reactions to various things over the years.  As uncomfortable as it can be in the moment, it has always proven best to stand back and resist the urge to sell into volatile markets.  For those with cash on hand, this may provide that opportunity you have been waiting for to purchase good investments at lower prices. 

For some greater perspective, please see the reports below from our own Global Portfolio Advisory Committee as well as comments from RBC Global Asset Management.  Please call us if you would like to discuss anything.

RBC Global Portfolio Advisory Committee - Coronavirus contagion concerns

RBC Global Asset Management - Insights on the recent market action