Summer Update 2019

Sep 27, 2019 | Kevin Hazzard


Colosseum at Night

Hard to believe that we have all aged another year since my last summer update in 2018 – seems like just yesterday.


The cover picture on the blog shows the Roman Colosseum at night. The picture above captures the inside of the colosseum from our guided tour. These were pictures that I took this summer on our family trip to Italy. The five of us traveled to Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Sorrento and Florence in early August. Besides enjoying a new part of the world, we also were able to connect with my wife’s family as she has several aunts and uncles there together with many cousins. Truly a trip of a lifetime for all of us and a great opportunity to build lasting relationships with a previously distant branch of our family tree.

Estate planning focus:

Lots of good things happening here. We have been increasingly focused on estate planning topics of late. You will notice some excellent articles by David Chilton in our blog history on the website. David is a well-respected financial author and has agreed to partner with our firm to provide some good estate planning information and advice.

A good estate planning exercise:

It is a good exercise to walk through what would happen to all of your assets if something happened to you today. Be aware of unintended consequences as some assets will be distributed through your Will and estate and others will pass on through other channels such as named beneficiaries or joint ownership. Contact us if you would like to discuss your own situation.

In conclusion:

The equity markets overall have been quite good despite lots to think about with trade tariffs, Mideast unrest and falling bond yields. Craig, Michelle and I are working hard to stay in touch with everyone. If you need us for anything, please call.

Enjoy the rest of this terrific summer weather as we approach the Fall season.