Perspectives Magazine

Jun 05, 2019 | Kevin Hazzard


This volume of Perspectives explores a range of topics related to time and life stage with articles for all age demographics from students and young adults to Baby Boomers and retirees.

The Path of Longevity - zig zagging wooden boardwalk through a grassy valley with mountains cropping up in the distance

Time is an element that intersects so many aspects of people’s lives and wealth planning, whether it’s priorities and needs that shift over time, life stage considerations or planning ahead to achieve long-term financial goals. 

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What are the highlights and “must-read” articles?

As more Canadian individuals and families face senior health realities and eldercare situations, the importance of having the right plans in place—and having the right conversations with loved ones—is becoming increasingly evident. The feature article, “The path of longevity,” sheds light on these realities and potential challenges, as well as key questions to address when it comes to Powers of Attorney and senior care planning considerations.

It’s about time” examines the key financial literacy concepts of saving and investing, with a detailed look at how compound interest works and the benefits of starting early with saving. For business owners, “The ‘wealth alpha’ potential of Individual Pension Plans” uses a case study to explore different retirement savings approaches and how those options unfold over time. In the newly introduced “Perspectives on planning” section, there’s an informative overview on the principal residence exemption and how it may apply for cottage or vacation property owners in Canada.

The picture of giving in Canada” takes a detailed look at recent and current trends in charitable giving nationally, how methods and approaches may be shifting, and considerations in building a more meaningful approach. And, “Canada’s first university north of 60” tells the story of the historic journey towards Yukon University and its vision for the future.