Executor Kit for Settling an Estate

Your final wishes can feel like your last message to those you love. For that reason, most of us trust the person closest to us- a spouse, child, or sibling- to carry out those wishes on our behalf. While being appointed executor of someone's Will can feel like an honour, it is also a tremendous responsibility- one that often comes at a time when you're grieving a personal loss. The prospect of carrying out your executor duties may also feel overwhelming. Fortunately, help is available in a variety of forms. The first step is informing yourself about your new role. 

RBC Wealth Management's primary goal in developing this kit is to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide that will help you through the various steps involved in the estate settlement process. It's intended simply as an information resource to support you in your executor duties, not as a substitute for professional advice. 

Executor/Liquidator Kit for Settling an Estate