The established leader in private portfolio management in Canada

Over the course of 40 years, the Kent Group has earned a reputation for integrity, excellence and success. Today, the Group manages intergenerational wealth for many of Canada's most successful families.

We base our business on discretion and four core principles:

  • Rational and disciplined long-term thinking about investments

  • Establishing a comprehensive, high-quality portfolio tailored to each client

  • Choosing investments that offer growth and quality

  • Preserving capital by investing with a margin of safety

Investment principles that generate long-term results

Investment fads and market enthusiasms come and go. At the Kent Group, our thoughtful and reasoned investment principles have produced excellent long-term results while reducing exposure to risk. Our clients and their families worked hard to earn the money entrusted to us. We are dedicated to both earning a solid return and protecting the fruits of your labor. As demonstrated by our outstanding long-term track record, we are successful at what we do.

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If you are seeking outstanding portfolio management and comprehensive wealth management, we would be pleased to discuss how we can put our experience and investment philosophy to work for you.

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