A Financial Planner's Responsibility Is To Save You Money And Make You More

Investing a large or small amount of money is a big step for anyone. You've worked hard for your money. Investing it should give you confidence that it will now work hard for you. Before you invest, it is not only important but essential to have a clear vision of your goals.

To help us understand your goals and create a personalized plan to help you achieve them, we use a unique process known as the PowerPlan. The process begins with a detailed interview before we even suggest a possible strategy. It takes into account 203 specific items relating to your financial situation. After we gain a thorough understanding of what goals you have, we'll ask to study your tax information, current investments, and insurance policies. With this information we will be able to customize a strategy for you, complete with an estimate of when your goals may be realized, any problems that may exist with your current setup and recommendations of what may be done to reduce or eliminate them.

At RBC Dominion Securities, we realize that you may not know how all the little pieces fit together to reach your goals. And that is ok! After all, it's our job to join them together and show you how to maximize results, minimize risk and put you on the right path to reach your goals.

Ken Aquino, FMA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


Janet Misner

Associate Wealth Advisor