Preparing youth for a changing workplace

Young people in today’s economy face unprecedented obstacles in their search for meaningful work, as well as the risk of ending up poorer than their parents. At RBC, we believe that unless we all take action, our country’s youth are set up to fail.

That’s why we’re proud to be a part of RBC Future Launch, our $500-million commitment to helping young people overcome the three core barriers to finding meaningful employment:

  1. Lack of relevant experience: 83% of educators feel youth are prepared for work, yet only 34% of employers and 44% of youth agree (McKinsey)

  2. Lack of relevant skills: 33% of core skill-sets for most jobs will be different in 2020 (World Economic Forum) and 42% of the labour force will have skills that are at risk of automation in 10-20 years (Brookfield Institute)

  3. Lack of professional networks and mentoring: 85% of all jobs are filled via networking (The Adler Group) yet many young people feel they lack or are unable to develop professional relationships



Helping the next generation succeed

If any youth in your life are starting their careers, they could probably use more than just your moral support. We’ve put together some resources to help:

Skill and knowledge development

  • RBC Future Launch Youth Hub – At this interactive website, youth can find internships, articles and information on Ten Thousand Coffees, our partner in creating networking opportunities. 

  • RBC Upskill – No one wants to get replaced by a robot. This tool is focused on providing youth with insights on what specific skills, experience and education correlate to the current and future job market.

  • Launching Careers Playbook – This toolkit is designed to help foster great early career experiences. It offers young people, managers of youth and HR teams specific workplace information and advice related to helping youth thrive. 

  • Resume guide and templates – This resource will help young people build a resume that resonates with today’s employers.

Getting work experience

Consider transitioning from school to work through our internship program. RBC employs over 1,000 students every year, offering real-life project and work experience, and the opportunity to make connections at one of Canada’s largest enterprises. Apply today or talk to our team about an opportunity you are interested in. 

The support of our team

We take an intergenerational approach to wealth management, and we’re happy to sit down with your children or grandchildren, or your family as a whole, to discuss the obstacles they’re facing or help them expand their network. Contact us today to arrange a meeting or learn more about upcoming youth-empowering events and initiatives.

For more information about RBC Future Launch, including our Employment Programs, visit the RBC Future Launch webpage.



 McKinsey, July 2016