Kelly believes that the key to successful investing is the creation of a long-term investment and/or financial plan that reflects your tolerance for risk and sets realistic, achievable goals. He believes in establishing a plan with appropriate risk and return expected ranges that all parties agree upon.

During reviews, comparisons of actual investment performance vs. plan are done to ensure the client is still on track. Adjustments are made where necessary. Kelly's experience has shown that making hasty adjustments to your plan in reaction to short-term market volatility (emotion) negatively affects returns and impedes progress towards achieving your financial goals. Instead, adjustments should be made through a disciplined process of regular monitoring and review to ensure assets are allocated and rebalanced according to the mutually agreed upon discipline.


Step One - Learning about you and your needs

The first step is to determine your current financial net worth and goals and objectives. Then look at factors such as your current assets, liabilities, employment, age, lifestyle, education, goals, tolerance for risk, investment experience, personality type, and specialized knowledge, in this evaluation process. He also considers any moral, ethical, health or specific client requests in building an investment plan.

Step Two - The Investment Policy Statement

Kelly will then evaluate your portfolio and your current situation. With a thorough understanding of both your financial circumstances and profile as an investor, he is able to establish basic guiding principles for your investment strategy. These are documented in your Investment Policy Statement. This blueprint for a plan is designed to build and protect your wealth.

Kelly is fully accountable to your investment policy statement, which is updated as your personal situation changes. Along with the investment policy statement the client will receive asset weighted financial projections. These two items form the basis of investment discipline and plan.

Step Three - Building your portfolio

Once you approve your Investment Policy Statement, Kelly uses it as a guide to structure the portfolio. With your input, an appropriate mix between bonds, equities, and cash will be determined. Based on his experience, Kelly will implement his proven selection approach that starts with quantitative data, technical analysis and RBC's award-winning research. Only then, the most appropriate direct investments, ETF's and/or selected Professional Managers are used to implement your portfolio. Income from interest, dividends and other investments form the base of Kelly's investment cash flow and returns.

Step Four - Monitoring, review, and reporting

Since economic, market and personal conditions are always changing, it is imperative to systematically monitor your portfolio. Frequency and detail of reviews will depend on client preference and complexity of the portfolio. Kelly will do a detailed review and recommend changes to the asset mix and security selection with reference to the Investment Policy and Plan. In addition, you will be kept up-to-date about the performance of your portfolio through regular account statements and rates of return. It is imperative that you inform Kelly or someone on his team of any significant changes to Work, Wealth, or Health or any other material change that may affect your investment strategy.


An efficient portfolio custom-tailored to meet your investment objectives, organized in accordance with your goals and willingness to accept risk. A process flexible enough to respond to changes in your objectives but disciplined enough to maximize your financial returns.

Ultimately, a long-term open, honest and mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and professionalism that extends beyond investing to your quality of life.
Our motto is "Define, Deliver and Protect" and we live it every day. We protect with systematic monitoring and the use of our in-house specialized Financial and Estate Planners.