Responsible Investing- Aligning your values with your investments

Responsible investing encompasses a broad range of investing approaches, including socially responsible investing (SRI); environmental, social, and governance investing (ESG); and impact investing. The application and objectives may vary, but the common element in responsible investing is the consideration of factors beyond traditional fundamental and valuation metrics.

Amid mounting awareness and concern about environmental degradation and socioeconomic inequalities, the different responsible investing approaches provide investors with an efficient means to align their values with their investments. Asset classes and individual securities are selected for their ability to achieve an investor’s specific investment goals as well as for their ability to align with and support an investor’s personal values.

Many individuals and organizations we work with are choosing responsible investing because of its unique ability to combine the goals of financial success and social impact, lending to greater sustainable, long-term growth. Recognizing that investors have a diverse set of values and goals, responsible investing also allows for personalization to tailor portfolios that better reflect the unique objectives of each investor.

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In addition to The Keith Pavo Group incorporating Responsible Investing into their practice, Derrick Ng has earned his Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC) with the Responsible Investment Association of Canada (RIA) - Canada's industry association for Responsible Investment.

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