Determining Your Personal Wealth Management Solution

At The Keith Pavo Group we strive to understand our clients’ goals and dreams so that we are able to work together to turn those dreams into a reality. To help you meet your various goals, we take an all-encompassing approach that extends beyond investing to include lifestyle protection, retirement planning, intergenerational wealth transfer, and legacy creation. With the expert support of our industry-leading RBC Wealth Management Services team, we can help you address your specific financial, tax, insurance, retirement and legacy planning concerns.

We tailor your wealth management strategy to what is most important to you and it will be regularly reviewed and adjusted as your goals evolve throughout your life. Whether your objective is to maximize retirement savings and income, minimize estate taxes, or deciding how to pass on a family business, the various aspects of managing wealth are all interconnected emphasizing the importance of a complete and coordinated approach.

Your comprehensive wealth management strategy includes:

  • Financial Planning – clarify your financial goals and recommended planning strategies most suitable to your situation
  • Investing – custom-designed portfolios diversified to help manage risk and meet your various income, growth, and security return objectives
  • Retirement Planning – help coordinate transition into retirement while maximizing retirement income and savings
  • Insurance Planning – protect your financial security while enhancing your after-tax wealth
  • Estate & Legacy Planning – identify opportunities to protect your estate for you and your family
  • Tax Planning – assist with tax-advantaged strategies to fund a family member’s education, protect your wealth, enhance retirement income, or minimize estate taxes

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