Access a Disciplined Approach to Investing: The Four Step Process

Like a good business, an investment program must adhere to a disciplined operational process.Without this process, it is too easy to make bad decisions based on emotion. The Keith Pavo Group follows the same time-tested process.

Step 1: Develop the mission statement

It starts with an investment of time. Time spent understanding such factors as your current financial situation, your investment objectives, and your tolerance for investment risk. And time spent just getting to know you. Youre embarking on a relationship that should stand the test of timeits important that the two of you be able to work together well as a team.

Step 2: Create the business plan

Equipped with this appreciation of your investment needs and characteristics, Keith and the Team will help you develop a business plan for your portfolio and establish an appropriate asset allocation model for your portfolio.

Step 3: Implement the plan

Once this has been accomplished, Keith will work to implement this plan, selecting the appropriate assets that will comprise your portfolio and selecting the appropriate investment managers to guide your assets.

Step 4: Report, analyse and adjust

Of course, a good plan is never static. Change, as the old saying goes, is the only constant in life. That is why the final step in the process involves both you and your Investment Advisor reviewing your business plan and portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that your investment managers are succeeding and that your plan is still in line with your investment goals.

Whether youre looking for personal wealth management for yourself, your family or your business, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

The convenience of an all-inclusive approach

The ACCESS Manager Selection Program is an all-inclusive, fee-based money management service offering investors access to the worlds leading money managers, custom-designed investment solutions and an intimate investing experience. ACCESS has been built exclusively for our clientsdiscriminating investors who desire the benefits of separate account management and tax-efficient investing.

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

We have been advising Canadian investors since 1901. Today, we are Canadas leading full-service investment dealer and a member of RBC Financial Group. We are integral members of virtually every community, offering clients the professional knowledge and personalized service they need to help them achieve their individual financial goals. In order to understand your specific situation, we listen. To help you meet your challenges, well work to formulate and implement a plan designed to work within the boundaries of your unique objectives and risk tolerance to meet your long-term goals.

Prudential Financial Inc.

Prudential Investments, our preferred partner for the ACCESS program, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Financial Inc. The firm delivers substantial value to our ACCESS program through its leading-edge asset management technology and Strategic Investment Research Group. Prudential Financial Inc. is a global financial services leader, providing 50 million clients worldwide with life insurance, real estate and asset management expertise. Prudential's Rock symbol is an icon of strength, stability, expertise and innovation that has stood the test of time.