5 key questions every business owner should answer

The Business Life Cycle:  Which Phase Are You In?

Whether you're already a business owner or thinking about becoming one, the decisions you make will have far-reaching implications - not only for your business, but also for you and your family.  A business consumes a large portion of your resources, time and attention throughout its lifetime, and your family's financial security may depend on it's success.  The Business Life Cycle explores a range of subjects unique to business owners, from consideration of the best structure of your business, to development of a succession plan and your transition from the business into a well-planned and well-funded retirement. Planning ahead can protect the business you've worked so hard to build, help you achieve your business goals and ensure your future prosperity.  At the Brown Wealth Management Group, we work directly with your professional legal and tax advisors to help you make the critical decisions, wherever you happen to be in the challenging and rewarding journey through the life cycle of your business.

Phase One:  Start-up

10 Key Decisions for Business Owners

Incorporate or Not?

Business Owners Borrowing to Invest

Phase Two:  Establishment

Group Benefits Summary

Multiple Wills

Increasing Retirement Income with an Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

Phase Three:  Maturity

Part 1 - Preparing Your Operating Company For Future Sale

Part 2 - Planning the Sale of Your Business

Part 3 - Year of Sale of Your Business

Part 4 - After the Sale of Your Business

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