If you are like us you probably like to escape winter, for some time down south to warmer temperatures & sunshine. We have attached some articles below that we feel are beneficial before heading south. There are formulas to calculate your time allowed in the US, Information on renting or selling, and some tips, and references to border information. We want you to know that we are here for any questions, and can be reached at (403)317-4338 at any time or by email at josswealth@rbc.com  . We also have multiple partners who specialize specifically in regards to Canadians who travel. Together we are confident that any questions you may have we would be able to help.
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As a rule of thumb, if you spend more than four months (122 days) every year in the U.S., you will meet the substantial presence test after the third year and annually thereafter, and therefore you will be considered to be a U.S. resident alien. 
* Please see the formula to the right to calculate out your time spent in the US. For full article see "Canadian Snowbirds Beware". Remember everyone's scenario is different and a tax consultant should be contacted if you have further questions.



Add all the days you spent in the U.S. in the current year; 


1/3 of the days you spent in the U.S. the first year before the current year;


1/6 of the days you spent in the U.S. in the second year before the current year.