Growing up on prairie family farms, a strong work ethic is in our blood. We value and appreciate the expertise and commitment our Agricultural producers and self-employed family business owners bring to their operations and our communities. Helping you manage your financial affairs is our privilege.

Being somewhat unique in the investment industry, our practice is run together as Husband and Wife. Seeing different views and understanding all sides to a scenario is important to us, having that input from our better halves can be so valuable. Like a lot of our clients running their family businesses, ours really is no different. We work together and also partner with specialists and our associate. We think this creates the backbone to any successful relationship.

People are private about their personal and financial situations. Earning trust, while providing an environment where you are comfortable discussing your financial affairs is critical. We can help you & your family deal with the very difficult and sensitive issues around health, tax and estate planning, losing a loved one and generational wealth. We understand these may be difficult topics to discuss but know that you can share your most private information, as everything discussed is in confidence.

The goals you create for your life are more than just important; they are the center for your future, your childrens future, and your familys success. We specialize in the creation and implementation of your familys value strategy. Life can be unpredictable. Providing your family with advice and strategies to minimize this unpredictability is paramount. In saying that, we also understand the need for a flexible and adaptable plan. A consistent steady hand on the wheel is important for a successful investment strategy. Successful investors want someone to help them find solutions to their financial concerns not someone trying to sell them something. If it has to be sold, it is probably not what you really need.

We always strive to be adapting to your needs. Your goals are not based on a one time plan, or simple products and service solutions. We are here to guide you through building wealth, and preserving income within your familys lifetime and generations to come.

Please call us with any questions (403)317-4316.