As you explore the website, my goal is to provide you with information about my team, my practice, and an overview of my investment philosophy. 

I do not believe that there is a one-size-fits-all for every investor.

My clients can attest that I am focused on being a meticulous listener. I work with each client to define their current situation, which is the basis of our relationship.

My investment beliefs are aligned and anchored with each of my client’s approaches to their risk sensitivity, time horizon, tax status and their specific objectives and goals.

Without a real understanding of what investment objectives and goals are, investors wander from strategy to strategy. That is not to say my investment recommendations don’t change over time. But investors with a clear and defined investment strategy tend to be more consistent and disciplined in their decisions and strategy.

Once we determine the objectives and goals and have an alignment of the principles, it is my philosophy that clients are best served by owning individual companies. My clients hold bonds and other investments that provide returns independent of the market. The asset allocation process goes beyond applying a formula to each investor’s portfolio.

I value each client relationship and take on their goals and success as my own. I have aligned my practice and principles to put the client first from a fiduciary perspective. Our collective long-term success requires ongoing management to keep your financial plan aligned with your objectives.

Joshua Kingsmill

Joshua Kingsmill, BA, MBA, CIM

Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


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