Investing in you first

The Opheim Wealth Management Group spends time getting to know you before we design your portfolio, or even review your existing one. Our three-pronged investment philosophy involves understanding your family, business, general needs, and circumstances.

Downside protection & preservation

Our market specialists stay on top of the latest market developments and economic outlook. We know, however, that we cannot predict the timing of downturns perfectly. Thus, your portfolio is diversified and well positioned for any unexpected events.

Stable returns

Our team of experts will select the right blend of stocks (for growth), bonds (for income), and other global investments to suit your specific needs. With your goals in mind, it's about steady, reliable returns.

Steady emotions

Great investment decisions are objective. By taking emotions and guesswork out of these decisions, we help you make better ones. We put money into the markets to capture low prices on valuable companies just as we did in 2020 when COVID hit Canada. This is why many of our clients' portfolios recovered in just a few months.

You might not have $100 million, but... you can invest like you do

For years, wealthy institutional investors have benefited from institutionally managed money. The traditional model of money management, which combines mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, is influenced by institutional money. Over time, traditionally managed money has underperformed, assumed more risk, and cost more than institutionally managed money.

With the best access to information, large teams doing continual research, and the ability to make portfolio adjustments in which the rest of the market reacts to, the ability to invest institutionally in a customized portfolio has been out of reach for most of us. One would need in excess of $50 million dollars to access a single manager and one should have a portfolio containing several managers in order to ensure diversified expertise.

While this type of money management was previously only accessible to the uber rich and pension funds, RBC Dominion Securities, as Canada's largest wealth management firm, now offers their clients exclusive access to this institutional expertise for clients with $250 thousand dollars or more in investable assets. In addition to this investment expertise, RBC has 24 CFA's that continually monitor the institutions managing client's assets. To learn more, contact the Opheim Wealth Management Group today.