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People at the top of their field rarely get there by going at it alone. Each one of our client relationships is incredibly unique. Whether you’re a family, business owner, institution, individual or employer we understand your situation and are here to provide confidence and assurance in your financial life.

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We help individuals & familes

Individuals & Families

At the Opheim Wealth Management Group we believe successful professionals and their families deserve right-sized advisory services for making the most of their career wealth. With dedicated wealth and strategic partners who can provide transparent, evidence-based advice, we offer a better approach to planning and investing to replace the status quo of being underserved and overcharged for mediocre care.

We help business owners

Business Owners

We bring together the solutions you need in key areas such as financial planning, private banking, investment management, cash management and estate and trust services. Tailored to your individual needs by our team, we provide the specific services you need, today and in the future. Our team, supported by a team of specialists drawn from RBC Wealth Management member companies, helps you address your various wealth management needs through each stage of your business life.

We help retirement plan sponsors

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Retirement plan sponsors have an enormous responsibility when providing plans to employees. Our goal is to partner with you to provide your participants’ with personalized advice and professionally designed portfolios, while safeguarding your own interests.

We help institutions & foundations

Institutions & Foundations

Our own community commitments and wealth management expertise, position us to serve as your informed institutional wealth alliance. We know what it takes to navigate your institutional wealth through the challenges, onward to your unique opportunities.

As your fiduciary partner, we will roll up our sleeves to provide: Multi-scenario projections to determine optimal balance of risk and return needed, review and help to create an Investment Policy Statement, clear and detailed quarterly performance reporting with benchmark comparisons and quarterly economic review/outlook, committee presentations for meetings as needed, institutional bond expertise and pricing, and more!

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